We are a very diverse team of entrepreneurs who mainly, and above all, share a love for engines, electronics and new technologies.

We focus on offering electric vehicles that maximize the user experience, taking into account social behaviors and urban trends when developing our products.

We have great respect for our enviromentThat is why we are moving forward by studying the energy matrix in depth. We are passionate about searching for innovative proposals and sustainable paths that include, exclusively, renewable energies.

We believe that micro mobility is the key to a future that is already here. And it has the capacity to guarantee a much more efficient transportation system in terms of comfort and ecology.

We do this by providing a distinctive costumer service that guarantees short and long term satisfaction. Because we believe that it is possible to develop solutions and offer first class after-sales service from Argentina to the world.

We design mobility.

Electric vehicles are already part of a present that seeks to change the future.

We are an Argentine sustainable company that design integral mobility solutions for today and the future with technology, brains and Argentine labor force.


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